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Making a Clean Sweep

Do you enjoy keeping warm by the fire on a cold winter’s night? Does your primary source of household warmth radiate from your fireplace? Does your fireplace offer you comfort after a long, hard day at the office?

Your fireplace is another essential household appliance, and like all household appliances, proper maintenance will help prevent any functional problems and avoid any health risks. Soot and debris, which can harm your family or employees, builds up inside a chimney. To satisfy your family and keep them safe all winter long and to avoid costly Chimney repairs later, proper chimney cleaning and chimney inspections are recommended.

Sweeping will remove any unwanted odors that come from accumulated soot and debris. Proper chimney inspections and cleanliness will increase your chimney’s efficiency. Proper chimney sweeping will result in wood burning better, which will in turn heat your home more effectively. If soot is allowed to accumulate, it will corrode the chimney, which can in turn cause many other problems and lead to costly repairs.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulates a proper cleaning schedule for all fireplace owners to follow and suggests using a professional chimney cleaning service, which will follow all environmental guidelines. The chimney sweep should be skilled in the craft, use the modern techniques and technologies, offer a cleaning and inspecting service at an affordable price.

Dalanco Air Clean Air services offer a full roof down inspection report after every sweep. We use runners and drop cloths to protect your floor and furniture, and we protect the air by using a HEPA triple filter vacuum. We also perform the work of on-the-job fire prevention specialists who are constantly searching for unsafe conditions. Just call us at 972-880-3091 or 972-375-7089 so that we can help keep you warm and safe this winter, and many winters to come.

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